Stitch Fix July Box!

Its the last day of July already and I can not believe it! We leave for Texas in a few weeks and its really setting in for me. I am little excited, worried, anxious, scared, and happy. Just a big bag of emotions. I enjoyed my month of July. I had a lot going on to keep me busy. I hope you all had a good July too!

I only kept 3 items out of this box, a dress, a shirt and a purse. AND! I did a beginner blogger fail and forgot to take a screen shot of the one shirt. It is the shirt I sent back but I still like to screen shot everything for my posts. I took a picture of the card they send with the break down of why they sent certain items and how to pair them with other clothing items. I should probably add that to my blog post as well anyway so I guess it wasn’t a total fail on my part.

I really liked all 5 items I just didn’t like the one shirt on me as well as the pants. I always try everything on. My Grandma always taught me to try everything on even if it doesn’t appeal to your eye. Normally I like it on me too after I do this. For the 3 items I kept the total was $185.28. Since I didn’t keep all 5 I didn’t get the discount. That’s really my only complaint with StitchFix is when this discount does and doesn’t apply. They were very nice and understanding the one time I wanted to exchange a pair of pants for a different size and they didn’t have a bigger size for me and they waved the fee since it wasn’t totally fair. I loved the pants they just didn’t fit right. That I really appreciated. They have some of the best customer service.

The shirt I kept was by Loveappella and it is an off the shoulder knit top size medium. It is so soft and comfortable to wear. I love off the shoulder tops even though they can be a pain some times because they push up and won’t stay down on your shoulders. I love the way they look. I actually wore this out the same night.


The second item was a purse by Sole Society. Its a blush pink color and a circle cross body bag. I also wore this the same day with the off the shoulder top. It looked super cute. I paired it all with a pair of white shorts.


The last item I kept was a maxi dress they sent. It is made by Market & Spruce. I originally was thinking of wearing this to the Beyonce concert in August but I changed my mind. I think I may wear it to my friends wedding in August. I am not sure if it is too tropical though. I have some better dresses I could wear that I have gotten from Stitch Fix.


The 2 items I did not keep were a pair of white boyfriend cut jeans by Just Black. I keep trying the boyfriend style on me and I am not sure if its because I am a curvy girl but they just never look right I feel.


The last item was a stripped top. I loved the way it looked when it was not on me. I put it on and I immediately felt like an old lady. No offense to anyone but I am not at that point in my life yet. And no need to speed up time with a shirt I would be wearing. So I decided to send back both of those items.

It is definitely easier to send back more than one item or none at all. Most of the time unfortunately if you send one thing back you spend more on the 4 items than you would have if you kept all 5. Again… that’s really the only downfall to StitchFix. I still constantly go back to them and I have tried Trunk Club, DailyLook and Wantable. Wantable is a close second but I haven’t gone back for clothes because after my second box from them I realized they do not know my size where as StitchFix is normally spot on every time and that’s why I still get the box.

Thanks for stopping by for this post! 🙂


“What Is Stitch Fix and What It’s the Box?” Cherish Everyday,

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