My Intentions for 2021

Hi Everyone! Finally 2021 is here! Well it has been for 2 weeks now….. I am little behind but that’s ok. It’s never too late to start any goal list or as this will be, an intentions list. I posted this quote last year in my blog post for 2020 intentions and this still holdsContinue reading “My Intentions for 2021”

Unwrap the Trail Wine Pack

Hello Everyone! I am so excited to bring you this awesome wine pack from the Canandaigua Wine Trail. It is there Unwrap the Trail Wine Pack. Did you know Canandaigua means “the chosen spot,” so the chosen spot for some of the best wine. The Canandaigua Lake Wine Trail features 30 miles of Finger LakesContinue reading “Unwrap the Trail Wine Pack”

Friday Night Girls Night!!

Hello! Welcome to the 2nd Girls Night post!!! I went on instagram to have you all vote which appetizer to make and the peach burrata crostini’s won! And they were fabulous. I got the recipe from food blogger How Sweet Eats. I love her recipes. I have made quite a few from her. And thisContinue reading “Friday Night Girls Night!!”

Wine and Grandmarheas cookie pairing!!

I am so excited about this blog post! I am obsessed with Grandmarhea’s potato chip cookies. They are unique and delicious. The perfect combo of sweet, salty and crunchy. Who would have thought that potato chips in a cookie would be so good! I discovered her a few years ago from a YouTuber I love,Continue reading “Wine and Grandmarheas cookie pairing!!”

Friday Night Girls Night!

Hi everyone! It has been a minute hasn’t it…. I am sure everyone can understand that quarantine kind of squashed the creative mind. It was hard to come up with content besides what I was doing to pass the time. Now that we are on a little bit of a different side of quarantine IContinue reading “Friday Night Girls Night!”

Our Plank & Mill Accent Wall!

Hello my Grapeful Fam! It feels so good to be back and posting something! 🙂 It’s been a bit… And some things have been kind of whacky in the world, but I am here to bring you a blog post and a how to on the accent wall we completed in our master bedroom.  ThisContinue reading “Our Plank & Mill Accent Wall!”