Friday Night Girls Night!!

Hello! Welcome to the 2nd Girls Night post!!! I went on instagram to have you all vote which appetizer to make and the peach burrata crostini’s won! And they were fabulous. I got the recipe from food blogger How Sweet Eats. I love her recipes. I have made quite a few from her. And thisContinue reading “Friday Night Girls Night!!”

Wine and Candy pairing for Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!! Last year I did a blog post on a bottle of wine to have while you passed out candy or stayed up watching scary movies. As well as a recipe for red wine hot chocolate. Which I still recommend to have. It was delicious. I never thought I would like hot red wine.Continue reading “Wine and Candy pairing for Halloween!”

Union Wine Co. Rose!

Rosé season never ends for me. I am sure others can agree with me when it comes to that. I figured this post was fitting for this time of year because we are all in the Fall spirit but we still want to carry on all the rosé we can into the Fall season. UnionContinue reading “Union Wine Co. Rose!”

Naked Winery Food and Wine Pairing

I am so happy to be bringing you this blog post of 2 of my favorite wines from Naked Winery. I paired them both with a meal you can make at home. This made my culinary soul so happy. I felt like I was back in school taking my cooking exams (I actually enjoyed thatContinue reading “Naked Winery Food and Wine Pairing”

Prime & Wine Wednesday

Happy Prime & Wine Wednesday! This week I am going to bring you some Buffalo NY favorites. Its food and drink related. If you like Italian sausage, wings, coffee and cappuccinos. Then this is going to be a great post for you. I am also going to teach you how to make the best airContinue reading “Prime & Wine Wednesday”

Prime & Wine Wednesday

Happy Prime & Wine Wednesday! This week I am bringing you a full outfit from amazon. Shorts, shirt, purse and shoes. Its a great outfit for the summer time. I loved these shorts because they were comfortable and I liked the style. I can’t do anything too short so these were the perfect length. TheContinue reading “Prime & Wine Wednesday”

Prime & Wine Wednesday

Happy Prime & Wine Wednesday! This week I am bringing you some car items that I have purchased on Amazon. I like to keep my car organized. My dog is in my car a lot so a cover and seat belt is needed for her. The car seat cover I am sharing with you today comesContinue reading “Prime & Wine Wednesday”

Prime & Wine Wednesday

I am so happy to be back!! I had a blast at Yoga Teacher Training and I miss it and the girls so much but I am happy to be back to my life and routine. This week I am bringing you a swim suit I found on amazon that I actually really like andContinue reading “Prime & Wine Wednesday”

Prime and Wine Wednesday!!

I wanted to start a new series on my instagram but because I don’t have as many followers as some other influencers, I need to utilize my blog more. I wanted to have a swipe up option in my stories and I also wanted to utilize “like to know it” app but I am alsoContinue reading “Prime and Wine Wednesday!!”