Unwrap the Trail Wine Pack

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to bring you this awesome wine pack from the Canandaigua Wine Trail. It is there Unwrap the Trail Wine Pack. Did you know Canandaigua means “the chosen spot,” so the chosen spot for some of the best wine.

The Canandaigua Lake Wine Trail features 30 miles of Finger Lakes wine and food experiences in the heart of the country’s top wine region. The Canandaigua Lake Wine Trail is the closest Finger Lakes wine trail to Buffalo, and makes the perfect choice for a weekend getaway. The Canandaigua Wine Trail has just released the “Unwrap the Trail” holiday wine pack, which includes 10 handcrafted wines, glassware and a virtual tasting. Perfect gift for your family and friends or yourself this season!

Lets unwrap this box and taste it with some friends!

I was so excited to dive straight into this box and try everything. It was fun to try ones I haven’t before and or revisit some that I have. I am going to break down these wines by how I would enjoy them at Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve. Let’s head to cocktail hour!

The Pink Cat from Hazlitt winery was the perfect option to create a spritzer to have before dinner. The back of the wine label even tells you it is perfect for a spritzer so I decided to make a spritzer with my friend Kat. Pink Cat is a sweet blush wine thats delightfully refreshing. With notes of berries, and some citrus it was perfect for the spritzer we made.

This spritzer is super easy! And so delicious! I did equal parts Pink Cat and tangerine La Croix. Muddled some cranberries and thats it! And it was so yummy! I really liked it because the tangerine La Croix cut the sweetness of the Pink Cat and the cranberries added some tartness to it. Perfect drink to have before dinner and getting into more wine.

Next up is appetizers. My go to for an appetizer is a charcuterie board or something with crostini’s. The bottle of Cuvée would be perfect to have with an appetizer. Produced in the methode champenoise, this sparkling is a blend of Chardonnay (78%), Cabernet Franc (16%) and Pinot Noir (6%). This is also perfect for NYE. Pop that bottle open or saber this bottle as you will see in my photos.

We have gotten through cocktail hour and appetizers and now its time for the main meal. A lot of these wines would go well with poultry when I tasted them. This box is really good for Thanksgiving and or Christmas. I thought the Vergennes would go well with stuffing or poultry. Moscato would go well with ham if you are not doing a traditional Thanksgiving or if you have ham for Christmas. Chardonnay is going to be so yummy with poultry and all your sides if they are savory. The Cabernet Franc is going to pair well with Turkey too. You can’t go wrong with anything out of this box for Thanksgiving or Christmas. If you are having a game bird like duck at Thanksgiving or Christmas the Pinot Noir in this box is going to be fabulous!

Last but not least is dessert. Open that bottle of Cuvée, Gruner, Moscato or the Red Cat Dark. The Gruner I think would go well with Apple Pie as well as Moscato. The Red Cat Dark would be good with Cherry or Chocolate pie.

Lastly I was thinking that normally there is one family member or friend who is stuck on white wine and wants white wine only. The Semi Dry Riesling from the box is the perfect go to just for that.

If you would like to purchase this box and taste your way through one of the Finger Lakes head to the link below and use “namaste” for 15% off.


They are also doing a virtual tasting on December 10th at 6:30PM if you would like to join! Here is the link. https://www.canandaigualakewinetrail.com/tastings

Cheers Everyone and Happy Holidays!!!

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