Wine and Grandmarheas cookie pairing!!

I am so excited about this blog post! I am obsessed with Grandmarhea’s potato chip cookies. They are unique and delicious. The perfect combo of sweet, salty and crunchy. Who would have thought that potato chips in a cookie would be so good!

I discovered her a few years ago from a YouTuber I love, April Athena, and April would always rave about this cookies so finally I had to order some and wow I was blown away. I knew I had to do a cookie and wine pairing with them. I figured it would be a fun experiment to see how the cookies tasted with the wine.

I picked out 6 cookies. 3 for red wine and 3 for white. I picked out 2 red wines and 2 white wines. The cookies for the red wine were her Chocolate Macadamia, Marj’s Amazing Grace and Christina’s favorites. I paired them with a Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley and a red blend from Naked Winery. The 3 cookies for the white wines were Peanut Butter Dream, Jewelz Truly Scumptions and Luis’ Dark Side. The 2 white wines were a semi dry Riesling from the Finger Lakes from a winery called Lakewood. And I also had a white blend from Empathy Wines.

I really liked all 3 for the red wine. They seem to compliment each other well with both reds I picked out. So you can’t go wrong with either of the 3 I picked out for the red wines. The Pinot Noir was from Willamette Valley from the winery Averaen. And then I had a red blend from Naked Winery called Climax. The semi dry Riesling went well with the Jewelz truly scrumptions because it had butterscotch in the cookies and the white blend went well with the peanut butter dream cookies. I liked the Luis’ Dark Side with either of the white wines.

These cookies are so good with the mixture of potato chips and sweetness. You definitely have to check her out! If you have a sweet tooth you will definitely love them! She can even do gift bags of her cookies for bridal showers or baby showers and even more!

Cheers everyone! Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to let me know if you try these cookies! Even if you don’t pair them with wine!

Grandmarhea’s website –

Averaen Winery – –

Naked Winery Red Blend –

Empathy White Blend –

Lakewood Vineyards –

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