Friday Night Girls Night!

Hi everyone!

It has been a minute hasn’t it…. I am sure everyone can understand that quarantine kind of squashed the creative mind. It was hard to come up with content besides what I was doing to pass the time. Now that we are on a little bit of a different side of quarantine I was excited to finally start up a monthly blog post called “Friday Night Girls Night.” I want to bring you a recipe of some sort and a wine to pair it with for you and your friends! So happy to be able to see people and to have people over. I love hosting!

This post I have a blueberry balsamic goat cheese appetizer, paired with a New Zealand Sauvigon Blanc. The recipe is from Danielle who has the blog .

Gosh this was sooooo good! If you like blueberries and goat cheese you are going to love this appetizer. Here is a photo of all the ingredients you will need. I will like the full recipe below so you can check out Danielle’s post about it.

You first start with cooking the blueberries. I used frozen blueberries and agave instead of honey for this part. You add salt, balsamic and rosemary to a pan.

While that is cooking I mixed together the goat cheese and cream cheese. I took them out about a half hour before so they could warm up a little so that way I could mix them a little better.

After the blueberries are done and your cheese is mixed its time to add it to a plate. You put the cheese on the bottom and then add the blueberries on top.

I probably could have eaten this whole thing! I had my friend Sam over and we were able to catch up and eat and have a great time! If you make this let me know! Cheers everyone! Here is the recipe!

Sauvignon Blanc goes great with goat cheese. This wine is light, smooth, dry and acidic. With notes of red fruit, plum and an earthy side. Here is the wine on

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