Resolutions are over rated


Nothing like sipping on rose bubbles the day after NYE. I made it till 9:30 and I was out. This tends to be the norm for my husband and I on NYE. But we are going to be in our house this year for NYE and I plant to have an epic party. Kind of like how Amy Landino does her parties. You need to look that girl up! She’s the guru for morning routines.


Resolutions…. ugh, yuck and fuck that. Let’s set intentions people. Resolutions are like trying to find the resolution to a problem that you have. YOU are not a problem! So why do we year after year try to find this solution or resolution to what ever problem is apparently in our lives! So I really encourage you to set intentions instead.



The definition of intention is a thing intended; an aim or plan. I find this more achievable and honestly more motivating for the new year. 9 times out of 10 your resolution involves the gym right? Working out? Getting fit for summer? Getting fit for that trip in the new year? I am right aren’t I? and 9 times out of 10 that fails. I AM just as guilty girl, I am right there with you, I have failed year after year except for last year because I made this whole getting fit thing a little less scary by having the intention to move more. Thats just an example for an intention. We put these crazy goals that aren’t achievable at the beginning of a new year and it’s all thus pressure and its go go go right now get that goal and eventually we explode. Kind of like my anxiety. It builds and I don’t talk about it and then boom!


So what are your intentions for the new year? Self care? Have the intention for a little more “me time?” Move more? One of my intentions is to walk more with my dog. I know to work out I want to work out. I have an accountability partner in my life. But the intention to just get my body moving outside of the hard core exercising sounds wonderful. I have the intention to meditate more because I know its success when I am consistent. I want to check in with loved ones more because I find I don’t do that enough. My intentions for the year are in the main image above if you would like to see them. I am not shy. Also, read the messages I have scattered in here because this has motivated me so much for a more enjoyable and powerful year. I really hope you ditch the resolutions and find your intentions instead.



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