How I fight off or get through the flu/head cold

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It is unfortunately that time of the year. I dread this time of year because I struggle keeping the flu or head cold away. But I have a few things I like to do to try to prevent it or help me get better faster. Luckily I have only had one head cold so far and it only lasted for about 4 days. I kind of like to think I have this whole cold thing down to a science but thats probably not the case because everyone is different and what works for me may not work for you. But I wanted to share and talk about the flu season and what you could discuss with your doctor on what to take to prevent or get through the flu season.

DISCLAIMER!!!! I am not a doctor, please consult with your doctor if you chose to use any of the following products I mention. This is just what works for me and this could give you some ideas on what you could do for flu time. If you chose to use any of them.

What I do every other day to prevent getting sick I take a shot of fire cider, a spoonful of elderberry syrup, take a ginger supplement and I also take a good form of vitamin c. I take a probiotic every day. As well as a probiotic drink called Body Bloom. It is mainly for hair, skin and nail health but I feel like it has helped me prevent a lot of sickness going around. When I first get the signs of a head cold, it is normally a sore throat. I grab my cough drops right away. I like to use elderberry cough drops or thieves cough drops from young living. I used the thieves cough drops this year when I had a head cold for about 3 days, 4 weeks ago. They don’t taste the best but I think they really work. I also take inner defense from young living when I am getting sick. I was thinking of taking it a couple of times a week as a preventive if that would help. I swear it helped me stay above the wellness line and keep my most recent cold from getting worse.

I then focus on tea. Cold 911 from Davids Tea is my favorite kind of tea to have while I am sick. It helps build your immune system and makes breathing a little easier. Unfortunately I don’t think they sell it anymore but they have a great section wellness, I linked it below. Warm water, lemon and ginger are also another drink I like to consume while sick. Ginger has so many good flu fighting properties. Lemon also has a high dose of Vitamin C. I take a Ningxia red packet every day. I think its good for all year round care. Give me all the antioxidants!

Stay Hydrated and drink a lot of water. Rest is a must so if you can take the day off totally do it. Now if corporate America could give us PTO and sick days so we don’t have to lose out on all our time off that would be great. But I understand life is tough with work and kids too. Last but not least, if things don’t get better or things just feel off, or not normal, please go see your doctor. The flu is not anything to mess around with. I personally don’t get the flu shot but if you feel that it is necessary please do so. Listen to your body and what you think is best for yourself. You run the ship (a.k.a your body.)


Davids Tea

Body Bloom

Inner Defense

Vitamin C

Ningxia Red

Ginger Force


Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Cough Drops

Thieves Cough Drops

Fire Cider


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