Wine and Candy pairing for Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!!!

Last year I did a blog post on a bottle of wine to have while you passed out candy or stayed up watching scary movies. As well as a recipe for red wine hot chocolate. Which I still recommend to have. It was delicious. I never thought I would like hot red wine. But the right red wine with chocolate is fabulous.

This year I decided to finally try a candy and wine pairing. I realized when I was trying the candies and wine together that I should have made this a YouTube video for my channel because it would have been hilarious because my first tasting did not come out the way I wanted. So next year I am definitely adding this to the list of videos to film in the month of October. I think it would have been so good and hilarious.

This is my honest opinion of these wine pairings. I am not going to lie and just say everything was great. This is the point behind this blog post and or why I started my blog. I would like to think I am a relatable wine drinker. I went off of a candy and wine pairing diagram I found on pinterest and then picked out my favorite candy. From their I found the wine that would pair with this candy. What I didn’t understand was how Starbursts paired with Pinot Noir. But it got even more weird when I tried a Reese cup with Pinot Noir. This first tasting as a total fail. It was what led me to my great idea for a YouTube video. I am sure other pairings fail as well. But thankfully I had great success with the rest of my pairings. I do not think peanut butter and wine go well together. Maybe its my inexperience of tasting wine and understanding the complexities and how pairings work or maybe it was the Pinot Noir I picked out? All and all I did not like either of the candies I had with the Pinot Noir. The wine tasted amazing it just didn’t taste good with candy mixed with it. The Pinot Noir I had picked out was from the winery Ardiri. It was their 2016 California Pinot Noir. Its a robust and fruit forward Pinot. I promise this wine is so good. I would buy this and drink it again.


Pinot Noir and reeses

Pinot Noir and starbursts

Twix and Snickers pair so well with Malbec. I used Naked Wineries Perfect Match Malbec. They do not sell it anymore online unfortunately. I was so happy to be able to enjoy the candy with this wine. The Snickers was my favorite but the Twix was super good too. It was interesting how it brought the flavors of the wine out more. I have gone to a food and wine pairing before and that is some amazing shit right there. When it is done so perfectly it is a whole new world that your taste buds have been invited to. One big party in your mouth.

Malbec and Twix

Malbec and Snickers

The Sauvignon Blanc and Prosecco blew my mind away. The Sauvignon Blanc and Skittles was my favorite pairing. That Sauvignon Blanc from Winc is a crowd pleaser. Oh my gosh it tastes so crisp and tropical. Which paired insanely well with the skittles. I bet the starbursts would have been good with the Sauv Blanc I should have tried that. The Sauvignon Blanc is from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. My favorite Sauvignon Blancs are from that area. This is now on my list of favorites. So thank you Winc. Tasting notes of grass, green apple, guava and lemon make it for a delicious wine.

Sauvigon Blanc and Skittles

The last pairing is a Prosecco with nerds. I think any Prosecco would be good with nerds. It kind of reminded me of pop rocks in my mouth. I preferred the strawberry flavor with the Prosecco but the grape was good as well. I think I liked the strawberry because strawberries and Prosecco pair very well together and makes a great garnish when serving Prosecco.

Prosecco and Nerds

Hopefully your kids will share some candy with you so you can try some pairings together with what ever wine you are drinking. Or go out and buy the candy and give it a try and let me know what you think! Or what ones you have found that taste great together. Thank you for reading this if you have made it this far. I am really looking forward to next year when I can film a live tasting. Maybe I can get some friends to join me too! Cheers and Happy Halloween!


Wines Mentioned:

Pinot Noir

Naked Winery – Red Wines




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