My Favorite Spots in San Angelo Texas

If you ever find yourself in San Angelo Texas I hope this post helps you out. I lived in San Angelo for about 9 months. I found a few restaurants I liked and a few other places outside of food. Spa anyone? I tried to get as many pictures as I could of the places.

Here are couple of my favorite places.


Twisted Root Burger Co.

Twisted Root has some bomb burgers. Unique combinations for sure. They have awesome sweet potato chips, fried pickles and fries. I haven’t had a bad burger from there. And they have gourmet milkshakes as well as some boozy milk shakes. They are delicious!

Zero One Ale House

If you like craft beer this is the place for you. They have a great food of all varieties and really good craft beer. Texas in general has quite the arrangement of craft beer. I enjoyed it very much while I was in Texas.

Cork & Pig

This was my favorite place. I would eat here every night. I loved their wings, pizza, salads and steak. They had a great cocktail list, beer list and wine list. This is definitely my favorite spot in San Angelo.


The Grill

The Grill was so convenient for us. It was a minute down the road from our apartment. I liked there food and the cocktail menu. They had great happy hour specials for cocktails. They would also do seasonal cocktails. I wasn’t overly obsessed with there food but it wasn’t bad at all.

The Concho Pearl

The owner of this restaurant Kellye is a sweetheart. She actually catered a lot of our events at work and everything was always delicious. She has this restaurant as well. She knows how to throw down in the kitchen for sure.

Latest Scoop

I scream you scream we all scream for?….. ICE CREAM! Home made ice cream and different flavored waffle cones. It is all to die for!


There were a few bars to go out and listen to music and drink. I really liked this bar because they had a great outdoor section. Definitely a good time.


Christoval Vineyards

I saved the best for last. Oh my gosh… the grounds of this vineyard are straight out of Europe. They are beautiful. I couldn’t believe it when I was walking through. I felt like I traveled somewhere else and I wasn’t in west Texas. Even on their website it says “Come experience the Rhone Valley of France right here in West Texas.”

Secret Vineyard Day Spa

Secret Vineyard was my favorite place to go for a massage. I went to the same person while I was in San Angelo. Her name is Stacey and she does an awesome job. She reminded me a lot of the 2 people I saw back home in Buffalo. So she made me feel right at home.

The salon I was going to doesn’t have a website. But they do book through Vagaro if you use that app. Its called Burlap and Paisley. It’s such a cute place. The interior is very Texas like. Rustic and bright colors. It is located on 322 N Chadbourne St.

Secret Day Vineyard spa

Reflections Day Spa

I was getting facials once a month back home so I wanted to continue while I was in Texas. I started seeing a woman named Beverly. She always did such a great job when ever I saw her. She really helped me clear up my skin and she always took such good care of me. If you go, there are 2 buildings. When you pull in its the one on your right not your left. I made the mistake of going into the salon first and I sat there for a few minutes and no one could figure out where I was supposed to go until someone finally connected the dots.

Wild West Wax

I found a great place to get my eyebrows waxed. Lynda did my eyebrows once a month. She is very good at waxing. She also books through the Vagaro app as well. I think she was going through a name change as well. It may be under Sunset Strip now.



Since I am a huge tea drinker, I was so excited when this place opened up. They have a huge variety of tea. They also had specialty drinks like the one pictured above. I hope more nobilitea stores open up around the country.


Those are my favorite spots in San Angelo! I hope you enjoyed this and it was helpful if you are ever in the area. Cheers!


“Home Page.” Christovalvineyards,

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