Merry Christmas Eve! What are you Grapeful for?

This will be short and sweet. I just wanted to have a more heart to heart post with it being the holiday season.

I am sorry I have been gone. I explained on instagram that I have not felt particularly motivated and creative. After my dog got sick my main focus was getting her healthy. And now a month later I feel very confident that shes ok and is on the road to healing. I feel motivated again because I decided to make a YouTube channel and separate my monthly favorite posts and subscription box posts. I am going to be doing those on my YouTube channel as well as some vlogs of trips I take here and there. Thank you for understanding and supporting me through this process. I don’t feel so bogged down anymore with all the posts I want to make. It will switch it up for me and keep it interesting.


It’s the end of another year and the eve before Christmas. I was reflecting a lot this holiday season because this year I am in Texas for the holidays. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving that was actually enjoyable and carefree. I actually wish more of my holidays back home were like that.

I really am “grapeful” for my family this year. I miss my family back home and I am thankful for the good memories we had. I am thankful for spending the holidays in Texas with family I don’t normally get to see or spend time with. I am thankful for my husband. I am “grapeful” for my dog being ok and healthy. I am thankful for my job, my apartment, my job, the sunshine, the warm weather and not having to deal with mounds of snow this winter. The list could go on and on.

Do you take the time each day to write down what you are “grapeful” for? I love using the 5 minute journal app now and that’s what I do every day now. I really encourage anyone to do it. I think it is so helpful for your mental health. What are you “grapeful” for? Is there anything in particular that you are “grapeful” for?

Cheers! and Merry Christmas!


My YouTube Channel: NamastayGrapeful

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