June Monthly Favorites!

Sorry I am late to the game for June favorites. I was swept away in the beauty of Oregon. I was able to do a little bit of work but I was enjoying my time with friends and family.

I have another 10 items that I was really loving this month that I even used a lot on my trip to Oregon. So lets get in to it,

The first item is a leather jacket. I wont be able to link this below because I actually got this in my Stitch Fix box. I wore it out one night and I got a lot of compliments and questions on where I got it. I love this jacket because it will dress up any outfit. Every girl needs a good leather jacket.


The next item is a book. Its called “Everyday Positive Thinking” its by Louise Hay. Its more of a motivational quick flip to a quote. What I do with this is I read it in the morning and I ask the universe what message I need to hear and I flip through till it feels good to stop and it really is a message I need to hear. They are all great positive quotes that feel so good to read in the morning. It starts my day on the right foot.


I bought a new pair of cowgirl boots and I am obsessed with them! They are stunning. I wore them to Taste of Country in Buffalo and I received a lot of compliments on these! Ariat did a great job designing these bad boys.


If you had to purchase anything from this post this next item would be it. For my fellow winos this item is for you. Its a wine bottle and tumbler made by hydro flask. I mentioned it in a post when I first started this blog and I use it a lot. If I am going to a friends house and I want to keep my wine cold I pour it in the hydro flask wine bottle and if I know I will be outside I take the tumblers with me. The tumblers have lids so that is nice as well.

I hope a lot of you enjoy kombucha. I love it. I actually have had kombucha and beer together and it was a very good combo. Buffalo NY has a local kombucha place called Bootleg Bucha. They came out with a kombucha with hemp in it. If you are into the CBD world this would be cool for you to try if you live in the Buffalo area. I don’t think its sold in our local grocery stores I think its just at there specific location where they brew and sell. They have 3 flavors ginger, original and pineapple. On a side note to CBD I am thinking of doing a post on it because I have had a different reaction to it than most people have. So stay tuned.


If any of you reading this have an iphone, how annoying is it when you are at an event, concert or festival and your phone dies because its drained from you posting to your instagram story? No? Just me? (lol) Anywho! If this happens to you, invest in a anker charging pack. I bought the big anker that is sold on amazon and a friend of mine actually uses there’s to power there tent when they go camping. It has been a life saver for the few trips I have taken and being stuck in an airport and trying to find an open plug to plug your phone in. The anker charges your phone pretty fast too which is better than a plug in switch. The only downfall is its kind of big but I have fit it in a small purse of mine but that means that the hair brush has to stay home (lol.)

I had to test this product out a few times before I talked about it because I wasn’t sure if it would work or not. I have been dabbling in collagen a bit from powder form, supplements and anything I can put on my face. This product is for your lips its by MURAD and I love this companies products. They make some really great skin care items. The lip product is called “rapid collagen infusion for lips.” You can wear it under your lipstick or chap stick. I have been using it in the morning as I am headed out for my day. I really like it! I find it makes my lips a little plumper so I think it really works. Its the perfect size too so it lasts a long time.


I love using vitamin c as part of my skin care routine and this product is the perfect thing to add to your skin care routine. Its a vitamin c toner by Avalon Organics. You may be able to find this in your local grocery store. I know its at wegman’s for me or I order it on amazon since I have prime. I like Avalon Organics products. I use there vitamin c eye cream as well.


The next product is a face product as well. I added it on to my spring box for FabFitFun. They are charcoal face wipes. One side of the face wipe’s are smooth and the other is bumpy to really get your makeup off. I actually like the feeling of the bumpy side because it feels like its exfoliating your face. I love a good face wipe but there really is nothing like washing your face with a good cleanser.


The last product in this post is by Four Sigmatic. I mentioned there mushroom matcha in my May favorites post. There Mushroom mocha with Chaga is delicious. I am not a coffee drinker and some how I love Four Sigmatic’s coffee products. I like the benefits of the different mushrooms they use in each product. They are clean and healthy products.


This was a quick read I hope for you. Glad you stopped by! 🙂

Items Mentioned:

Everyday Positive Thinking by Louise Hay

Ariat Cowgirl Boots

Hydro Flask Wine


Anker Portable Charger

Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips

Vitamin C Toner

Charcoal face wipes

Mushroom Mocha



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