VineBox Shades of Summer Reviewer


Oh my damn! Is what I said after having all of these wonderful wines out of this box. I was so impressed by the collection of rosé they had picked out for this summer box. I wasn’t expecting to like them all and the red’s that were in the box. I couldn’t drink them all in one night. I split them up during a week span. Their were 9 wines to try. 1 white, 6 rosé and 2 reds.  I started with the one that was listed on the tasting card as the first. It was a white wine. On the tasting card they break it down to what you will smell and taste in each wine. The white wine was Castillo de Benizar they described it as a straw yellow color. Elegant and fruity with a delicious floral note. I rated each out of 5 stars. 1 being horrible 5 being awesome. I gave the white wine a 4 because it had a weird start to it and ended very floral. I am not big on floral notes but I didn’t hate the wine. The 2nd wine was a rosé from Château de Brégancon. They described this  wine with strawberry, flowers and a bright raspberry finish straight from Provence. I rated this one with 5 stars. I really liked this one it was very bright tasting.


I really enjoyed this whole box. It was a nice treat and a good way to try new wines. The 3rd wine I tried from Château Les Palais and they described it as watermelon Jolly Ranchers on a bed of pink flowers. A fun and expressive rosé. I gave this 5 stars and I couldn’t believe how much it tasted like Jolly Ranchers but was dry. I really want a bottle of it. The 4th wine was Adrien Vacher. They described it as rosé bursting with peach and blood orange from the base of the Alps. I definitely got the peach taste from it and this was another one that I gave 5 stars to. The 5th wine I tried was Bodegas Vinos Alex and they described it as full-bodied garnacha rose from Northern Spain. Floral and tart. I agree with all of their descriptions they gave on the wines. It was actually really straight and to the point and I found it way easier to understand each wine. This wine was so good. I gave it 5 stars. Their were only 2 wines I wasn’t overly in love with but didn’t hate them. 2 out 9 wines I think is really good.


The 6th wine was Castillo de Benizar. It is described as rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon, a rare treat with a hint of sweetness. I gave this 5 stars and I wrote on my card “How can a cab taste as good as a rosé!?!?!” This one had a unique taste but in a good way because you totally tasted the cab side of it as well as the sweet/rosé part. The 7th wine was La Serra, a rose petal colored, tropical fruit scented. Nebbiolo and Barberba in one glass. I wanted a hole bottle of this wine. It is definitely 5 stars. The 2 red wines were next. Ca de Lion was definitely a good summer red wine. Light but delicious. It is actually enjoyed chilled. I never drink red wine cold. I couldn’t believe how good this tasted cold. The last wine was Bodegas Vinos Alex a bright young red wine for sunshine was described by vinebox. It was a little too cherry tasting for me so I gave it 4 stars because I am not big on cherry flavored beverages.


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