My first time seeing a medium…

I still find it shocking that people either don’t know what a medium is. With all the access we have to the internet and the couple of TV shows that the main focus is the medium. Examples “Long Island Medium” or The Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry.  And people who don’t believe in what mediums are able to do. I think it is fascinating!

I have been wanting to see a medium for some time now. I have had separate readings or messages given to me by 2 other people. The first one I asked for from the person because they were very intuitive with their spiritual side and I worked with her at a spa. She was giving messages to people while giving them massages and it was beautiful to see the client come out relaxed but also really thankful for the message they received from her. So I just asked her one day “hey do you feel or notice any spirits around me?” and she said yes and she was like its an older gentleman with glasses and I immediately lost my shit because I knew it was my Grandpa. And what caught me the most was she was talking about him to me and she said he said ” I will always be his little girl” and that was the moment I knew it was real because that’s what he always called me was his little girl and she did not know that.

The 2nd time was actually last year in October and the salon I go to the owner reads tarot cards. I asked for her to read my cards and her not knowing my relationship with my grandpa she was able to pick up on him once she saw the angel card that I picked out from the stack and I was blown away. So going to someone who actually has been doing it for a living and is a legit and reputable medium I was so excited to make an appointment to sit down with her for an hour and see what ever messages I would receive and boy was I shocked and I am still shocked by it.

I went to a local woman Dawn Lynn and I will link her website below. She has a location in Snyder NY and then an office in East Aurora NY. I went to the East Aurora location. Her office was very comforting and warm. She was so kind and open. Which she probably has to be right? Her gift has been with generations of her family and even her daughter is intuitive with spirits. We chatted for about 20 minutes before we started the real session and I gave as little information about family members as possible. Because of course I was still skeptical and wanted to make sure she knew as little about me as possible. I knew in my head who would possible come through, and who I wanted to come through to say hi. I will start with the fact that it didn’t take long for me to start crying like crazy!

She was so spot on and with details I am like whoa how would you know. SO crazy! The first person to come through was my Grandpa. She described him so well from the way he looked and how he dressed to the candies he would eat. SPOT ON! Twizzlers and bit oh honeys! My mouth dropped during this session a few hundred times I was speechless. I will share some things but some things are super personal and I won’t go into much detail but will just explain my experience to you.

After she finished describing who it was I was like that’s my grandpa and shes like yes it is. I felt like he was actually there with me and he basically was! He was giving me career and marriage advice. As well as letting me know that hes with my in my apartment. He will play with my dog randomly so the times where she randomly will start playing with herself or rolling around on the carpet that’s him playing with her. During all of this Dawn had to keep pushing out a woman that was eager to talk to me and was very pushy and I totally said in my head “oh my gosh Aunt Kik!” Eventually Dawn had to let my Grandpa go and let this woman come through. My Aunt Kik came through as I thought, well dressed, and making stuffed manicotti. My Aunt “yelled” at me and was like “Kimmy, stop being a hypochondriac, you’re fine!” I needed to hear that from her because this year I had been struggling with some minor health issues and of course thought the worst. She was so proud of me. She even had a message to my Mom which was spot on with the things my Mom likes to do like being in her garden and she wanted me to tell my Mom that she needed to have more fun and be in her garden more. Both my Grandpa and Aunt were going back and forth and agreeing on what I needed to do in my life to make it better or what things to put on hold or to stop stressing about. Like kids! Which was another thing I needed to hear because that topic is super touchy for me because I am not sure if I want kids. So it was so great to hear there thoughts and it totally made sense to me what they had to say.

I was shocked with who came through next and that was my husbands Grandma. She just past in August of 2017. After her my friend Kyle who passed away in high school in a motorcycle accident came through and I was actually shocked because I wasn’t as close with him as many others but we would say hi. I would chat with him at parties we played tennis together. He was a really great kid. He was stopping by to say hi and told me I needed to have more fun. He was so appreciative of what the community did for him and coming together. So any of my friends from high school that are reading this and knew Kyle I hope this finds you some comfort. Kyle was the last person that came through and then I asked for two people I really wanted to hear from. My friend Shelby and my Grandma Allen. My Grandma Allen was not their and I was ok with that because I am 100% sure she’s watching over my Papa at all times so she was busy. But my friend Shelby was nervous about coming through because she knew that it was a hard death for me to deal with. But she came through and said she was fine. Which gave me some peace because I always wondered about her and if she was ok. For other high school friends if you come across this I would be happy to share the full message if you want to reach out. I just don’t think its appropriate to share in detail here.

I am so grateful for this experience. For Dawn to have this wonderful gift and to be able to share it with others. She brought so much peace to my life. I so badly needed it and I am forever grateful. I highly encourage anyone to go to a medium to experience something like this. I know sometimes it is hard to believe but I truly to believe its all real. I actually want to go back in a few months before my husband and I move and see if my Uncle Jim and Aunt Catherine would come through. I hope you enjoyed this and I will talk to you next time.

Dawn Lynn’s website

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