My First YogaClub Box

I ordered my first YogaClub box a few weeks ago and I was so excited because I was looking for a new way to find workout clothes that didn’t cost a crap ton of money. I really liked this company because they send you brand name items. The cost of one box which is $79 for The Guru box which sends you 3 pieces. The Karma selection is $69 and that is 2 pieces and The Mantra is 1 pair of brand leggings for $45. I signed up for the Guru one and I went through my styling quiz. I got 3 items from FreePeople when my box came. Leggings, sports bra and a top. The leggings alone were originally $78 so right there the box is worth what you pay for it. I loved everything I got. The bra fit great and the shirt did too. Leggings were awesome except they weren’t meant for a curvy girl like me. They were horribly see through. Luckily I was able to exchange the item for different leggings and they did mark my account that FreePeople leggings are not a good brand to send me. The only thing I am worried about is their return policy or exchange policy is really odd….. It sounded like it was a 1 time thing or else you have to pay more which makes no sense. But I think the exchanging part is not like that. At least I hope. Will find out that’s for sure. I am on a every 2 months subscription with them and if I end up having to pay more some how to exchange or return an item I will be canceling ASAP.



“FAQs.” FAQs – Yoga Club,

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