August wine of the month!

I am a few days late for this but for a good reason. I wanted to combine my review of the wine I chose as well as showcase hydro flasks new release! They have made a wine bottle and a wine tumbler. I was so excited when I saw this that I ordered them immediately.

The wine I chose for the month of August is “White Girl Rosé.” Rosé has hit it big time this summer. It has become so popular in many ways and I love it. I have been searching for this wine with out having to order it online because shipping costs for alcohol can get really expensive. I came across this wine over the weekend while I was out of town in the Catskills here in NY for a wedding. Saturday morning after a late breakfast with my husband we were wondering around town near Hunter Mountain and I saw this small liquor store and I was actually looking for a local wine in the area and as I walked in I saw the “White Girl Rosé.” If the bottle was not $18.99 I would have gotten 2. Especially now after trying it, I wish I had more. But I thought it was expensive so I hope that this was just this liquor store that was maybe over pricing the wine.

This rosé is refreshing and wonderful. It has flavor and is not watered down. It is the perfect summer wine. Add this to your list of wines to try. Especially if you are looking for a good rosé like me this is a must. I am going to look at the website that you can order it from. It depends on the shipping costs but for a case of 12 it is $180 and I do not think that is bad at all. After doing the math of $180 divided by 12 it comes to 15 a piece for each bottle. That is normally my go to limit. The hydro flask tumbler is also awesome. It fits great in the hand and the colors they have are beautiful. The best part of hydro flask is it keeps things hot, cold, and room temperature. What every temperature you need, you will have with this product. They are the best water bottles out their and I am so glad they are releasing other items like these.

Hydro Flask

White Girl Rosé


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