Laser Hair Removal

Oh snap! Shit just got real……

It is a hot topic and raises the curiosity in many people. People have questions about cost, pain, why are you doing it?, what it looks like after, and is it worth it?, etc. And the awkwardness depending on where you chose to have hair removed can raise some questions as well.  It also may be an uncomfortable topic for some people to talk about so if you don’t want to hear about how I got my vagina laser’d then skip this blog post.

I am new to the laser hair removal world. I have just finished my last treatment for the Brazilian. Brazilian hair removal is the next step after bikini hair removal. Yes, I went for the whole sha bang! This is my preference obviously. Not everyone likes it to be bare down their. I have gone for 6 treatments. That is what the laser spa I go to recommends (I will link the laser spa below.) The place I go to charges for a package of 3 treatments. So its a set price for 3 treatments, then you pay for another round of 3 after the first 3 are finished, if you would like to continue with treatments. I felt like 3 was not enough I was still having patchy hair growth so I wanted to keep going. Depending on how the hair comes in this time after my very last appointment I may consider another round of 3. The recommend at this point just touch up appointments every 6 months or once a year.

My first appointment compared to my last was pretty equal pain wise. They have to turn up the strength of the laser each appointment to really kill the hair follicle to make the hair thats growing back more fine than coarse. At this point I am all peach fuzz for the most part. Before my last appointment I was patchy right above my clitoris and lips still. Your hair growth in these areas are different so thats why I was experiencing different hair growth in different areas of my vagina. I was scared for my first appointment because before your first real appointment they do a test spot on your stomach to see how your skin will react, if it will blister or be super inflamed. I didn’t even feel the laser when they tested it on my stomach. I was expecting it to hurt a little.  When I went for my first appointment for the Brazilian you have to shave before hand or else it will really hurt and its enough pain as it is with bare skin. It was not bad at all for my first appointment it was tolerable. She had to do 2 passes with the laser. This includes, pubic area, lips, sides of lips where it meets your thigh and if wanted, the back of your butt cheeks. I noticed immediate results. By my second appointment thats when I really hated the pain. They are very quick appointments. By the time the tech starts its less than 5 minutes but its a hot rubber band snapping on your vagina. It is the weirdest feeling ever and it hurts for the split second it happens. Thank god the tech doing mine was quick and just got in their and got it done. My third appointment they actually switched their laser they were using and got a better one where they only have to do one pass. THANK YOU LORD JESUS! That made a world of difference for me! It was easier to get through the quick pain. At this point for hair growth my vagina looked like Brittany Spears ripping her hair out in chunks (haha!) It grows in patchy and finer each time.  I barely had to shave and I actually forget about it at this point because my pubic area is all peach fuzz.

I started on my under arms and I have only had 2 appointments. And noticed immediate results as well after the first appointment. I think laser hair removal is great. Especially if you are like me who gets really bad razor burn or just hates body hair. It drives me nuts! My gynecologist actually asked me about it because she noticed… Awkward but a funny conversation to have with my gyno ask me about my brazilian hair removal. I was expecting her to lecture me on why I should keep my hair down their. Pricing is not bad.  I went to a reputable place that had good reviews but also had Groupons. They also recognize groupon pricing in house. The price went up between treatment packages. First round was $178 second round of 3 was $198.

As for how long it lasts, unfortunately it is not a permanent fix you will need touch ups every 6 months to a year. Or at your own preference. I am going to try to do a 6 month or year update from my last appointment to update anyone on what the hair growth is like at that point.

Thanks for reading and stopping by. If you have any questions I am happy to answer! If you decide to go to advanced aesthetics as for Alex. She was my tech and she is awesome.

Advanced Aesthetics



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