Marble + Rye Restaurant Review

This restaurant is located in down town Buffalo NY. Definitely 5 stars in my eyes. The atmosphere in the restaurant has this authentic edgy vibe. Brick walls with inlets that they have candles and plants in on the walls. Tables are wood with metal chairs. Small yet spacious if that makes any sense. The bar is smaller than I expected. Probably one of the coolest places I have been in Buffalo.
I went with a really good friend of mine that shares a love of red wine and cheese with me. We had a bottle of Pinot Noir and a cheese board to start. I will say the wine selection is really great for anyone who likes a dryer wine. Great red selection along with white as well. Also the wine is on the higher end for price. It was hard to find one that we could afford with our breaking the bank. Their cocktail menu was very different but in a good way! Great names for them as well. I remember one cocktail being called “Meet me in the coat closet.” The cheese board was phenomenal! It was served with sides to go with the cheese. The cheese selection does change. We had a cheese from Warsaw NY which was mild and creamy. Then a sort of blue cheese like cheese that had more bite to it. Both delicious. This is served on a wooden cheese board with pita chips, raw honey with sea salt, apple butter and poached pears with a little pepper on them. I was so impressed with the combinations of flavors and how well it went together. We both got their small plate of pasta and this also changes each day. Last night was a pomadoro sauce with ricotta. Can you say YUM!?!? It was delicious! It was served with papppardelle. A great but simple combination.

I have been back once for a double date with my friend that I went with the first time and it was so much fun. I also noticed the second time around they have lockers for your bourbon/ whiskey/ scotch etc. They have a very small menu but I think it would fit for a vegetarian. I am honestly not sure for gluten free or dairy free. But call and ask! I highly recommend if you want a night out with your significant other or if you want to go with a friend.

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Marble + Rye website

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I am a 28 year old wine enthusiast, tea lover and foodie. I grew up in the middle of no where and now I enjoy exploring as much as I can. Buffalo NY baby! Well at least for right now.... This is primarily a lifestyle blog but I love wine, so I want to mix in both. I am a big subscription box person and I will try out boxes to see if they are worth it.

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